The Orignal Flatpup by Elmar Zielhofer is an extremely flat guitar pickup which can be mounted outside on a box. There are no cutouts in the box nor in the neck necessary. No weakening of the neck in the area of ​​the pickup. The flatpup is thus very well suited for cigar box guitars. Simply screw on the cigarbox. So some advantages for the super-flat pickup. The flatpup is available in several variants. For a 3-string CBG the Flatpup FP3 "classic" aluminum is used. For a 4 String Cigar Box Guitar the Flatpup FP4 "classic" aluminum is used. Both pickups are built like a humbucker. 2 coils in mutual alignment. Thus, he is not as susceptible to disturbances "buzzing" as a single coil. The FP3 can be used up to a string spacing of 27mm. The FP4 can reach up to a maximum string pitch of 35mm.

Meanwhile, there are already a few copies on the market. from the Thinner, MIni Box Bucker, Wickedbucker to the cheap copy from China.

The original Flatpup humbucker from Elmar Zielhofer from Vienna is included in the range of Cigarbox-Guitar

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