Wooden box printed with transfer medium

With this technique, of course, a Cigar Box can be made very special. Either decorate the box with your own picture or with a lettering.

What is needed:

  • Medium for printing or transfer
  • Laser print mirrored on paper
  • Transfer medium
  • brush

TransferdruckHolzkisten bedrucken mit Transfermedium   Transferdruck 1Laserdruck wird mit Transfermedium auf Kiste übertragen

With the Transfer Medium, paper printouts (only from the laser printer) can be transferred to different substrates such as wood, MDF, metal, glass, textile etc. The transfer medium you get in the craft department of the hardware store.

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Sound hole / F holes provide the full sound

f loch saiteninstrumentDas F-Loch oder Schalloch genanntWhy actually f-hole? It is obvious. The sound hole has the same shape as the small F. So that a Cigarbox guitar can reproduce its full sound so-called sound holes are needed. In a pure electric guitar can be dispensed with because the sound is transmitted purely by the string vibration on the pickup. With acoustic guitars a sound hole is inevitable. As sound holes for Cigarbox guitars are suitable, for example, pebbles attachment rings. But it can also be used a drain screen of a shower tray. Here you can let your imagination run free. You can also use what you like

soundhole messing antikSoundhole Abdeckung


For older instruments, C holes were used. Well-known is the so-called F-hole that is used in all string instruments. The F-holes are placed to the left and right of the bridge.



Box corners / box corners as protection and deco object

A cigar box guitar offers a wide range of decoration possibilities. Many cigar boxes are already pieces of jewellery. Some materials can be decorative and useful. This also includes box corners. These protect the corners of the cigar box from knocks and prevent the splintering of wood on the cigar boxes. Box corners also known as suitcase corners are still one of the best ways to beautify the cigar box. They are available in different shapes and colours.

KisteneckenKistecken antik

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