Positioning and correct installation of the mechanics / tuners

kopfplatte mit saitenSaiten sollen möglichst gerade auf den Sattel laufenWhen positioning the mechanics on the top plate care must be taken that the strings run as straight as possible on the saddle. Slipping of the strings from the satel can be prevented. For necks without angled head plate, a string retainer is sometimes needed so that the strings do not slip off when playing.

Once the positions have been defined, holes are drilled for the mechanics using a 10mm drill. Be sure to fix a piece of wood that is no longer needed behind the pegboard. This prevents the leakage of the drill from the top plate, the wood does not break. Use a countersink to easily break the edges. Then the head plate oelen or grow as desired.

If everything is dry, the mechanics are stuck from behind through the drilled hole. Attention, there are left and right mechanics. At the front, the washer is put on and then the nut is tightened. Now the small screw is screwed in on the back. This prevents the mechanics from turning in the hole

kopfplatte seitlich  mechaniken richtig eingebaut



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