Swiss Nail Humbucker

the toxic coil
for the Cigarbox Guitar


Nagel Humbucker Quader 2

Swiss Alps Humbucker

the extremely flat Pickup
for the Cigarbox Guitar


3 String Alpen Humbucker Nickel

Swiss Nail Humbucker

direct assembly on the box, 
without cutout


Quader Gold 4 String Nagel Humbucker

Cigar Box Guitar

What is a cigar box guitar?

A Cigarbox guitar or delta blues guitar called CBG for short is a primitive string instrument that uses an empty cigar box as a sound box. The cigar box guitars usually have only 1, 2 or 3 strings. Most do not have frets on their necks (Fretless). It is played with the slider (Bootleneck). A bottleneck - as the name suggests; originally consisted of a broken glass bottle neck. Meanwhile, there are e.g. Bottlenecks made of glass, metal, ceramics, etc. The cigar-box guitars were very important in the early days of the blues. Most of these artists were black Americans living in poverty. Many could not afford a "real" instrument. So they built a guitar out of an empty cigar box. Anyone looking for a high-gloss guitar here is wrong. CigarBox guitars are handmade, so each one is unique and has its own sound. You'll find more about it here Wikipedia

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