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Swiss Alps handmade Humbucker for the Cigar Box Guitar

The Swiss Alps Cigar Box Guitar humbuckers are specially developed for the Cigarbox Guitar pickups. They are available as a 3 or 4 string version. All pickup are Swiss made and hand wrapped. Only highly permeable materials are used as the core. Nickel-iron or silicon esen.
Optionally the Ellipsed or Square wood covers are available for all Swiss Alpen pickups and with different decor. The total thickness is 4mm and a cover made of a cigar insert sheet. The humbuckers of Cigarbox Guitars can thus be mounted directly on the box without a cutout in the box. With the custom humbucker (turquoise) the core and the number of turns can be chosen.

The Alpen Humbucker by Cigarbox-Guitars can be recognized by the following color code


  • orange = double nickel core
  • rot = simple nickel core
  • violett = double silicon iron core isotropic (NO)
  • grün = simple silicon iron core isotropic (NO)
  • gelb = simple silicon core  grain oriented (KO)
  • türkis = customized humbucker
Color code of the Alps humbucker   hochpermeable Pickup Kerne

The matching wooden frame "Ellipsed" and "Square" for mounting on the box must be ordered separately! (Not included in the delivery.)

Ellipsed Bolivar    Humbucker Silizium Ellypsed 
Ellypsed Cover-Frame (Bolivar)   3-String Alpen Humbucker eingebaut im Ellypsed Cover

The Ellypsed frame is about 4.5mm high. Thus, about 8mm between the box and the strings should be present. The frame is mounted directly on the box with the inserted humbucker. It is necessary small cutout in the box. Only a small hole must be drilled through the lid to guide the shielded cable of the Alpen Humbucker into the box.

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Montagerahmen für Alpen Pickup 6 String

Montagerahmen für Alpen Pickup 6 String

Montagerahmen für 6-String Alpen Pickup - ohne Cover - …

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