Piezo with jack

wiring PiezoPiezo Schallwellen Tonabnehmer mit Klinkenbuchse   

The easiest way to wire your CBG is a single piezo converter connected directly to a mono (2-pin) socket.
This is the easiest for CBG newbies. The sound can strongly depend on where the piezo is mounted in the box. Actually, it does not matter how the piezo is connected.
It will work on both variants. Basically, however, the black wire is to be connected to the ground. The connection of the strings to the mass can be dispensed with
because the sound is transmitted purely through the sound waves.





 Wiring piezo with volum control

wiring Piezo volPiezo mit Volumenregler


This wiring is virtually identical to the above but with an additional volume control. With this potentiometer, the output signal can be controlled.
A potentiometer is a variable resistor that increases or decreases the total resistance when rotating. There are two types of potentiometers available in the market.
Linear and logarithmic. Linear are mostly needed for volume control. Logarithmic for tone control. Linear potentiometers change the resistance, as the name says, Linear. that is, the resistance changes uniformly. Logarithmic potentiometers do not change the resistance evenly. Such a potentiometer thus does not have half the resistance in the middle position. Most guitar wirings typically use 500 ohm potentiometers.
Designation of the potentiometers:
A-500-k - Logarithmic 500 ohms (tone control) in conjunction with a capacitor
B-500-k - Linear 500Ohm (volume control)


Wiring with 2 pickups 3-way switch, volume, tone, and jack

Pickup Piezo 3Way V T jackPiezo mit Umschalter und Single Coil

This wiring includes two pickups, a three-way switch and a jack. The purpose of the circuit is that can be switched between the two pickups. Either pickup 1 (single-coil) - pickups 1 & 2 and only pickup 2 (piezo). Basically, all black connectors are grounded. Either a master volume control can be installed (as in the diagram) or a separate volume control can be installed between the pickup and the 3-way switch. Thus, each output signal of the respective pickup could be tuned separately. There are also switches with 5 positions with more than 2 pickups. For electromagnetic pickups, it is advisable to ground the strings. This is easiest to do with the bridge.

The individual components are available in the shop. Or already pre-wired pickups.




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