K40 CO2 40W China Laser und Engraver

Maintenance and cleaning of the K40 China laser does not only include vacuuming the residual parts in the laser room. During lasing, smoke also rises in the area of the laser head and contaminates the focus lens. I use an air assist system. This constantly blows air directly onto the part to be lasered. This prevents the smoke from rising up to the lens and contaminating it. To get an optimal cut, the mirrors and the focus lens must also be cleaned in between.

AcetonAceton zum Reinigen der Spiegel und Linse

I use cotton swabs and acetone for this. Caution: Acetone is a toxic and dangerous solvent. Acetone strongly degreases and dries the skin on contact. With prolonged or frequent skin contact, the chemical can trigger dermatitis, i.e. an inflammatory skin reaction. The vapours of the solvent are also harmful to health.




Caution: Mirrors and lenses are sensitive products and should be handled with care.
Furthermore, it should be noted that the mirrors and the focus lens should not be held with bare fingers. Our skin is kept moist by a kind of oil film. This moisture immediately leaves a fingerprint on the mirror or focus lens which is burnt into the mirror by the laser beam. So only touch the mirror and lens from the side or wear gloves.


To clean the mirrors, dip the cotton swab into acetone and then clean the mirrors in circular movements. The first mirror is immediately to the left of the laser tube exit. The second mirror is on the left on the moving part in the laser room. And the third mirror is on top of the laser head. To clean it, loosen the screw a little and then push the clamping plate to the side. Now the mirror can be removed and cleaned. Then reinsert it correctly and clamp it firmly.


To clean the focus lens, unscrew the optics on the lower laser head. The focus lens is loose in the unscrewed ring. Carefully clean the lens on both sides and then reinsert it correctly.



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