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The Nagel pickup is now also available as single coil version.

nagel single coil

Due to its flat design, the pickup can be glued directly onto the box or, if necessary, inserted into the lid of the CigarBox box.

The components:

Seitliche Holzframe der Nagel Single-CoilNägel sie bilden den Eisenkern der Nagel Single-CoilNagel Single-Coil mit 4 verschiedene Magneten lieferbarvormontierter Nagel Single-Coil ohne Magnete

The Single-Coil nail is available in the following versions:

3-string nail Single-Coil

nagel single coil 3 string classicnagel single coil 3 string quadernagel single coil 3 string quader goldnagel single coil 3 string classic strong

4-string nail single-coil

nagel single coil 4 string classicnagel single coil 4 string quadernagel single coil 4 string quader goldnagel single coil 4 string classic strong

The distance between the magnets is 12mm for all Nail Single-Coil guitars and therefore fits to the standard bridges for Cigar Box guitars.

The total height is 5.5mm and can therefore be glued directly onto the box or must only be inserted into the lid.