With this technique, of course, a Cigar Box can be made very special. Either decorate the box with your own picture or with a lettering.

What is needed:

  • Medium for printing or transfer
  • Laser print mirrored on paper
  • Transfer medium
  • brush

TransferdruckHolzkisten bedrucken mit Transfermedium   Transferdruck 1Laserdruck wird mit Transfermedium auf Kiste übertragen

With the Transfer Medium, paper printouts (only from the laser printer) can be transferred to different substrates such as wood, MDF, metal, glass, textile etc. The transfer medium you get in the craft department of the hardware store.

The image must first be mirrored on the computer as the printed side comes to rest on the medium. Mirror image with a horzontal image editor.

Transferdruck 2Holz und Laserausdruck vorbereitet    Transferdruck 3Holz mit Transfernedium bestrichen    Transferdruck 4Laserausdruck mit Transgfermedium bestrichen

First, the ground must be prepared. He must be dry and clean. Apply medium with brush to substrate and print (printed side), place print on substrate immediately and smooth. Remove excess medium with a cloth.

Transferdruck 5Bedruckte Seite auf Kiste geklebt und verstrichen

Approximately Allow to dry for 8 hours, then moisten the print and gently rub the paper layer with a soft, damp sponge. Repeat until paper layer is gone.
Then seal the print with a clear coat

Transferdruck 6nach 8 Stunden kann das Papier angefeuchtet und weggerieben werden    Transferdruck 7fertiges Bild auf Holz transferiert   Transferdruck 82er Versuch mit dunkler Vorlage


Conclusion: works fine, of course, could not wait until it was completely dry so it has a few small damage in the picture. But that's what you say vintage today

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